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Pet Cremator

The pet cremator

The pet cremator is made by the worlds most innovative company when it comes to a pet cremation oven / furnace.¬†Cremation Equipments is a pet cremation furnace manufacturer, we produce innovative energy efficient cremation machines / incinerators. As for the pet cremator this is a cold start cremator, so energy efficiency will depend on it’s usage. We recommend several pets cremations per day. This is gets the best results on energy efficiency. This pet cremation oven is made to be innovative. We can make a pet cremation perfect so pet crematory have the best pet cremators. Read more about our pet cremator

Pet cremator / Pet cremation furnace

The pet cremation oven is one that can go up to 220 lbs on load capacity. Features include separate chambers allowing individual cremations at the same time, ensuring customers get a compassionate cremation of their pets. When investing into new pet crematoria then look no further than cremation environmental systems. Our pet cremator have been successfully used within the pet crematorium industry for almost 50 years of innovation. Customers come to quickly appreciate the robust design, nature and reliability of the house animal cremator that are built to suit the every day demands of the modern pet crematorium. The energy efficiency of the pet cremation furnace ensures that the cremator / end user is guaranteed a fast and efficient pet cremation every time and the pet crematory a signified compassionate end for their beloved pets.