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The cremulator ash processor

The Cremulator is a innovative ash processor, this cremation accessory is nessesary in every modern crematory. This ash processor will process all cremains after the cremation is finished. After the cremains are gathered together in a ash pan. And the cremation oven is perfectly cleared and cleaned for the next cremation. The cremains are cooled down in a cremation ash refrigerator so the ash cremains can cooldown. When the ashes are cool the cremains are processed for any orthopedic metals and these will be sifted out. Then the cremains are ready to be processed by a cremulator so only fine ash dust is created from the cremains. Read more about the cremulator

Cremulator the ash processor

The cremation ash processor is one of our innovations, this ash processor can process the cremains after a cremation. The ash processor is one of the best cremation equipments due to quick, hygienic reasons and easy ash processing. The process of human or pet cremation uses extreme heat and evaporation in the cremation chamber to reduce the human or pet to its basic elements which are referred to as cremated remains. At the end of the process the cremated remains are tiny fragments. The cremation ash processor further reduces those fragments to a sand-like state. The cremated remains can then be returned to the human family or the pets owners for a memorialization of their choosing. This can be a cremation urn or cremation jewelry the cremation ash processor we manufacture does it all hygienic.

Cremains processing

Ash processing, is hightech cremation equipment which is needed in every modern crematory. Buying the cremulator is having a state of the art cremation product that makes cremation ash processing easy. We make two different cremulators a human cremulator and a pet cremulator. For crematory that want to have a self sufficient cremation machine as one of there cremation products.