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Cremation Urns

Cremation urns biodegradable eco urn

There are many cremation urns on the market today. You may choose for a cremation urn that you want to keep inside the house then this urn is not something for you. But when you are searching for a environmentally friendly urns we can provide you with a wide assortment of the best eco urns.

Environmental friendly cremation urns

The environmentally friendly cremation urn is on the market today. We produce the best eco urn on the market. And only delivers to wholesale cremation urn sales. If you are seeking for a strategic collaboration with a strong cremation company. We are glad to work together with wholesale players in the cremation urns market. Read more about cremation urns

Cremation eco urns

The cremation eco urns, are the cremation urns after a environmentally friendly cremation. The biodegradable urns are specially made from environmental friendly materials that will perish after placed outside and after a while will disappear or degrade into nature itself. The Eco Urn is 100% made from organic materials and 100% biodegradable. As soon as the urn is placed in the earth when the breakdown process. Depending upon the quality of the earth will be completely degraded, the urn within two to three years, and the material will be completely included in the nature. If the urn in a columbarium is buried there will not be observed degradation of the material is. A special click system the lid of the urn will not be removed. All urns are supplied in a solid container with a handle. The motifs are hand applied to the urns. Any design or photo can be arranged as desired (this provides additional cost and delivery). For transport safety reasons the urn can be screened by means X-ray equipment, such as airports.