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Cremation systems for crematory

Cremation systems: The most innovative and energy efficient cremation system is manufactured in The Netherlands, Europe. Years of time, testing and researching where done to innovate, design and manufacture a high-tech, innovative and energy efficient cremator for human or pet cremations. The trend will be that worldwide cremations will increase every year, many people choose to be cremated.

Energy efficient cremation systems

As manufacturer of cremation equipment and cremation products. We manufacture the most innovative, energy efficient and environmentally friendly cremators. There are two types of cremations, there is the human cremation and a house animal or pet cremation. Both use incinerators to use fire to cremate the deceased with coffin or casket. We create a closed cremation system with our cremation filter system. Read more about our cremation systems

Human cremation systems

There are two different kind of human cremators. The so called hot start human cremator and the cold start human cremator. Both are energy efficient when used correctly the difference between a hot and cold started cremator is the temperature that is used to start a cremation. A cold start human cremator starts with a 842 degrees ℉. And a hot start human cremator with a starting temperature from 1202 degrees ℉.

Pet cremation system

There is only one pet cremator this is a cold started pet cremation system. It is possible to cremate up to a 220,46 lbs per pet cremation. This pet cremator is energy efficient when used correctly.

Cremation system consulting

Cremation Equipments gives the best cremation system consultancy. Every modern crematorium needs to have a energy efficient and environmentally friendly cremation system. On all our crematory systems we can provide the best crematorium services with our maintenance contract every crematorium is insured to perform perfect cremations. When you want contact? Give us a call and ask for more information. Or if preferred use our contact page and we will contact you within 24 hours.