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Cremation supplies for crematory

Cremation supplies from one of the best cremation equipment manufacturers in the world. Cremation Equipments makes the most innovative cremation equipment like different human cremators. We produce the most energy efficient cremation oven / furnace worldwide. To give all our customers the best crematory services we maintain a high service on all the cremators and other cremation products we install. As one of the largest cremation equipment supplier we supply crematory world wide.

Cremation supplies worldwide

Working with our cremation equipment is what makes the difference when it come to cremate a human body or house pet. That’s why we deliver the best cremation supplies worldwide. As energy efficiency is one of our higher standards, we strive for environmentally friendly cremations. Innovation on all our products is normal for our cremation equipment supplies company. Read more about our cremation supplies

Crematory supplier

We from Cremation Equipments are the firm where you can rely on, when it comes to have the best cremation equipment. Innovating all our cremation products and know for our energy efficiency but most of all our great cremation services. As crematory you have the benefit of working with the best in the cremation industry. Our comprehensive line of crematory supplies assist the cremationist with organization, efficient operation, safety, disease control, cremated remains removal and packaging. In addition, we have an extensive manufacturing facility with a Research & Development (R&D) department that focuses continuously on innovative technological advancements that meet the needs of crematories around the globe.

Cremation supplies

Cremation Equipments is a supplier for cremation equipment. All of our cremation products are innovative and provide you as crematory the following products:

  • Temporary cremated remains containers
  • Cardboard mailers
  • Identification discs from stainless steel
  • Cardboard cremation rollers 18” and 16”
  • Safety equipment’s
  • Face shields
  • High temperature gloves
  • High temperature jackets
  • High temperature apron
  • Cremation dust masks
  • Cremation clean out tools
  • Cremation placement tools
  • Cremation clean out brushes
  • Cremation pans
  • Cremation hand magnets
  • Cremation metal detectors