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Cremation solutions for crematory

Cremation Equipments manufactures the best and most innovative cremation solutions within the cremation industry. Take for example our cremators they are state of the art and most energy efficient. We can make the most efficient crematory everything can be┬áconnected to the Internet. All our cremation machines are easy to connect too the Internet of Things IoT. We are the first cremation manufacturer that does this, our customer service is one of the best in it’s yield. We perform maintenance just to prevent escalations due to our high standard of maintenance on the cremators and other cremation equipment. Read more about our cremation solutions

Cremation solutions worldwide

Cremation Equipments delivers the best cremation solutions, we have years of experience in the cremation industry. We know how to be innovative with cremation products. All our customers only get the best cremation solution for a very sharp price. Just ask this at your personal account manager she knows what the best cremation solution would be for your crematory. We have successful build and installed more then hundred crematoria, so we can show you what state of the art crematory equipment looks like. From high products cremation facilities that do more then 750 cremations per year. To crematory that do less then 750 cremations per year. We have enough references to show you what the capabilities are with our cremation solutions.

The best cremation solutions

There are several cremation solutions that we can call more then innovative. The cremation technology that is used inside the cremator or cremation filter system are just the best investment for every crematory. We can provide you the status of environmentally friendly. One of our most innovative cremation projects stands in Europe. Here we made a 100 precent energy efficient closed circuit. We used the energy from the cremators to heat the city, could store this used energy to give it all back when needed. This are great projects to build, so we can say we are a environmental friendly cremation manufacturer. And can deliver crematory a eco friendly status, working with ISO certification.