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Cremation Software Control System

Cremation software and control system

Cremation Equipments has the best cremation software connected to all our cremators and due to our cremation control system a crematory can perform a prefect cremation. Cremation management software makes it possible to get a real-time insight from a cremation. The cremation management software operating system consists of two separate systems for process control and a operation system. On the one hand, we have the most accurate and reliable technique for a cremation process control. On the other hand, we combine the best technique for operation and visualization, to ensure that the cremator operator is kept fully informed of the cremation process. Read more about the cremation software

Cremation OMR system

Cremation Operation Monitoring Reporting system is the software solution for your operational cremator process. A cremator operator can make adjustments to the operation system of the cremator. Combining these two techniques has resulted in the following qualities:

  • Highly efficient control features,
  • Energy saving,
  • Well organized and clear operation,
  • Modular construction,
  • Expandable with various options,
  • Control through touchscreen.

Cremation operation system

The cremation operation system will give total control to the cremator operator.

Cremation monitoring system

The cremation monitoring system will give the cremator operator a specific overview of the cremation process.

 Cremation reporting system

The cremation reporting system will give the cremator operator a detailed cremation report about the cremated human or pet. All necessary is measured so a full automatic cremation reports can produce.