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Cremation Products

Professional cremation products

Cremation products we make energy efficient human cremators and a pet cremator. Our cremators are worldwide know for there energy efficiency, have the smartest cremation solutions like cremation filters for every crematory world wide.

Cremation products

One of the most innovative cremation products is the human cremator. This cremation oven that has the highest energy efficiency. Our human cremators have just that! Due to years of experians in the cremation industry Cremation Products has made products that are created exclusively for the cremation, funeral and cemetery industries. We do not sell directly to the public. Read more about cremation products

Human cremation products

Standard features of the human cremator include an automatic control system, power loading door, hydraulic loading table, front clean-out and an Emission Control System that continuously monitors the clarity of the exhaust gases and controls the cremation process for a smokeless and odorless operation / cremation installation. The large secondary combustion chamber with a residence time of 1.5 seconds complies with new environmental standards. The cremation filtersystem is the best worldwide with zero emissions is a clean exhaust system.

Human cremation oven

The human cremation oven / furnace is the quietest operating cremator available. The cremtor burners and motors are housed in fully enclosed compartments, and the low-profile design and quiet operation allow for flexible placement in virtually any facility with a minimum of 70 m2 and a hight of 5,0 m. The simple-to-operate features side clean-out and stainless steel refractory lined human cremator.

Pet cremation oven

The pet cremation oven / furnace is one of the most innovative pet cremators in the cremation industry. The pet cremator are fully enclosed in compartments. The pet cremator is specially made for modern pet crematory.

Cremation cremator

The cremator was designed to satisfy the demand for a high-production machine in a more compact design. Available with rear or front clean-out, the cremator features power loading door, hot hearth and a hydraulic loading table as standard. With a residence time of two seconds, this model meets new environmental criteria and emission standards. Faster cremation times and a quicker turnaround between cremations make this model the cremator of choice for the medium to large scale operation, cremation installations and a outstanding cremation product.


The cremulator is a ash processor and makes it a hygienic process for the remains. Cremation ash processor like the Cremulator is easy and quick ash processing. A cremation machine specially made for modern crematory.

Cremation filter system

The cremation filter system is a innovative piece of cremation equipment. The cremation filtration is a hightech cremation technology to filter the cremator exhaust to zero emission.

Cremation software

The cremation software is for controling the cremation process. This OMR cremation software is control via Operation, Monitoring and Reporting system. Specialized cremation software to take full control over a cremation process.