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Cremation Filter System

Cremation filter system

A cremation filter system is an innovation on it’s own. The cremator has an exhaust, so after leaving the cremator (human or pet) the cremation filtration is there to filter all the gases. Cremation Equipments respects the environnement. Designs and manufactures of cremation and filtration systems, respecting the European Emission Regulation 2000/76/CE. We strive for a zero emissions, with a closed energy efficient cremation. We have already made energy efficient crematory in Denmark possible and would like to show you our innovative cremation equipment for effective and hightech cremation products in the cremation industry. Read more about the cremation filtersystem

Cremation filter zero emission

When a cremation filter is installed, together with a cremator. Cremation Equipments can only make it a 100% environmentally friendly cremation possible when storage of the cremator energy can be connected to an outside storage possibility. Working together with local goverments, maybe we can make the difference and show our references so together we make it a success.

Crematory filter system

If your crematory is searching for a crematory filter system and a reason to become a crematorium that has Corporate Social Responsibility CSR. We are the right cremation consulting company to do business with. We aim for a long term strategic cremation partnership with all crematoria. Feel free to contact us for a quote or call to ask your questions.