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Cremation Consulting

Cremation consulting services

cremation consulting servicesCremation consulting service company. What Cremation Equipments can do for your crematorium? We can give you the best cremation consulting services. With more then 35 years of experience in the cremation industry we are proud to have the knowledge to provide you with the best cremation solutions for your crematory. Our specialisms are energy efficiency and environmental friendly “green cremations”. With our cremation filtration system we can reduce all emissions to nearly a zero emission process. Do you want to become a crematory with corporate social responsibility? Give us a call! We like to give you the right cremation advice for now and the future.

Cremation consulting

What can you expect from Cremation Equipments and the cremation consultants? The best way to describe our cremation consultancy process is that we start with a intake and like to hear the “cremation requirements” of the crematory that has the interest in buying a new cremator or wants to refurbished the cremator. After this intake we send a quotation that will specify all the costs for your tailor-made cremation installation at your crematory. When the price is right and you have accepted our terms and conditions we start building the cremation oven.

Strategic cremations

To perform strategic cremations? We belief that measurements can tell us the way of how a cremator is performing. By choosing for our strategic cremation consulting services, we can introduce you to a new solution within the cremation industry. By performance of ESCo (Energy Service Company) within your crematorium we can make a benefit on energy savings within the crematory it self. As we have made several cremation installations that can perform storage of energy or connect the crematory to a energy network to give it back.

Cremation consultants

We like to offer all our clients / partners the best cremation solution world wide. As we endeavour a long-term and strategic partnership with all our clients. As new or existing business partner we aim on the lifetime cycle of a cremation oven. Together with a crematorium we talk about this during our intake, to give your crematory the benefit of our cremation equipment. There needs to be a cremator maintenance contract, so that every crematory is insured of a high service level from our side. Are you convinced about our cremation consulting services? Give us a call when you want to know more…