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Cremation Accessories

Cremation accessories for perfect cremations

More than half a century, Cremation Equipments has been the world leader in safe, energy efficient and dependable cremation technology. Cremation Equipments offers all of the equipment and accessories that you need in the operation of a crematory.

Cremains processor cremulator

• Quiet and dust free
• Fully automatic
• Plugs into any 220-volt available

The most advanced processor on the market. The cremulator reduces cremated remains to less than 200 cubic inches in approximately 30 seconds. Read more about the best cremation accessories

Ash processing station

• Stainless steel construction
• Fully self-contained
• Compact design

The ash processing station recovers dust when transferring cremated remains into the processor and when depositing the processed cremated remains into a memorial urn or temporary container. The unit’s self-contained exhaust and filtration systems eliminate the need for openings in a wall or roof for outside venting. The station accommodates the ash processor which is sold separately.

Ash refrigerator

Cremation Equipments superior-quality mortuary refrigerators are completely self-contained and provide easy accessibility. Featuring automatically controlled cooling, the unit provides safe storage until final disposition or temporary holding during periods of peak activity or emergency situations. Capacities are available for 3, 4 or 5 bodies. Customized walk-in coolers are available in a variety of sizes and options.

Hydraulic lift tables

Cremation Equipments offers four models of hydraulic lift tables for loading cremators and transferring between vans, coolers and casket racks.

  • Dual-Action Hydraulic Pump. Minimum elevation: 20″, maximum elevation 48″
  • Equipped with a Battery-Powered Electric Pump. Minimum elevation: 20″, max. elevation 48″
  • Battery-Powered Electric Pump. Minimum elevation: 24 1/2″, maximum elevation 74″
  • Features Dual-Action Hydraulic Pump. Minimum elevation: 24 1/2,” maximum elevation 74″

Cremation crematory accessories

  • Temporary cremated remains container – Our cremated remains container provides a 192 inch storage capacity and is constructed of high-impact, polypropylene plastic. We also offer a larger container of 300 inch capacity for special situations.
  • Cremation rollers – Our heavy-duty cardboard rollers make loading easier, reduce floor abrasion, aid in combustion and reduce fuel costs.
  • Identification disks – Constructed of 18-gauge 304 stainless steel, our identification disks help keep cremation records in order.
  • Cardboard cremation containers – Rigid, safe and inexpensive, our cremation containers are widely used.
  • Hand magnets – Lightweight hand magnet allows for safe removal of ferrous metal fragments from cremated remains.
  • Brushes – We offer brushes that are 6″ and 12″ wide, which are less abrasive on floors than rakes when used to sweep the cremated remains from the chamber.
  • Tools – We manufactures a variety of standard and custom clean-out and stoking tools for all types of cremation equipment.
  • Protective wear protection kits – We offer two standard kits. Our economical basic kit provides protection from infectious transmission and consists of a mask, eye shield, gloves, soap towel, disposable bag, label and instructions. Our deluxe kit provides head-to-toe protection and contains all of the items in the basic kit as well as a coverall, shoe covers and a hood.
  • Aprons – Choose from our washable denim or durable leather aprons that provide full, flexible frontal coverage and the highest degree of comfort. Our reflective aluminium apron provides superior insulation against radiant heat while allowing maximum ease of movement.
  • Coveralls – Made of a wrinkle-free cotton blend, our durable coveralls are designed for comfort.
  • Gloves – Disposable latex gloves are available in three sizes for non-hazardous handling applications; heat-resistant fleece-lined leather gloves; and asbestos-free gloves which protect hands and wrists from flames and sparks.
  • Lab coat – Our cotton-blend lab coat is available in assorted sizes and colours.
  • Dust mask – This lightweight, adjustable dust mask provides protection from dust and is disposable.
  • Leather sleeves – Our one-size-fits-all sleeves protect the wearer’s arms from heat during stoking and clean out.
  • Face shield – Scratch and fog resistant, our gold-plated face shield protects against 99% of IR and UV radiation.

Ash pans

  • Standard pans – We manufactures stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium ash collection pans for use with our cremators.
  • Custom pans – We can custom fit any cremator with a durable stainless steel, black iron or aluminium ash pan.
  • Cremation pan – We offer a compact, stainless steel cremation pan which fits every type of cremation chamber and is ideal for small cases.

Cremation product consulting

Cremation Equipments gives the best cremation consultancy for crematory products and cremation accessories. We are the firm that makes the best cremators. Give us a call at +31 226 342 909.