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Ash Processing

Ash processing equipment

Ash processing equipment for crematoria, world wide the best ash processor for cremains is called the cremulator. There are several ash processing tools on the market. But which one is the best for your crematory? That’s a question that Cremation Equipments can answer. At the end of a cremation process, there are ashes the so called cremains which consists of non ferro metals and chalk the cremains are left over from the cremation. Normal these cremains are collected in a ashpan. The first step is to make use of the ashpan refrigerator, to cool down the cremains. After the cremains are cooled, you can work with it. The next step is to spread out the cooled cremains on a ash processing table. Then the crematorium employee will take a very strong magnet to get all metals out, to separate these from the rest of the cremains. Step three would be to collect the cremains and put these in the cremulator. This ash processing machine will make a homogeneous mass of the cremains, so that the cremains will become very small parts of bones and ashes.

Ash processing the best cremains processor

World wide the best ash processor and is made for a long life cycle and have low maintenance. The cremulator is a special made ash processing machine that is realized in such a way to guarantee the direct transfer of ashes from the ashbus into the final cinerary urn without intermediate operations and loss of ashes in the operator’s room. The functioning cycle is set by a timer; So the operator, during ash treatment, can do other things. At the end of the cycle ashes fall down directly into the cinerary urn, to be positioned in the lower part of the cremulator machine.