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Welcome to our cremation equipment site. The website of Cremation Equipments: “The most innovative cremation supplies world wide”. As cremation consulting business, we have the best and most energy efficient cremation equipment for sale and sale crematory products to supply crematories. Striving to have a longterm and strategic relationship with all crematoria world wide. We see each crematorium as a longterm business partner. We go the extra mile to give the best cremation solutions for a crematorium. Cremation consulting services for crematoria that want to have corporate social responsibility CSR and see that “green cremations” are possible for now and even more in the future as the best cremation solution.

Cremation equipments

The best cremation equipment is made in North Holland, The Netherlands, Europe. We work together with environmentally friendly cremation equipment manufacturers that are miles ahead when it comes to cremate a deceased human or pet. We have the best cremation filter system, that make nearly zero emissions possible. As innovative cremation consulting company we work together with leading companies all over the world. So we can assure you the best maintenance services for a crematorium. Read more about our cremation equipment

Human cremator

For human cremators there are two types of cremators / incinerators. One cold start human cremation furnace and one warm start human cremator. Even you can choose your energy source, this can be only gas for the cold start cremator and gas or biofuels for the hot started human cremator. Both cremation machines have a high level of energy efficiency when used correctly by controling the air flow.

Pet cremator

House animals / pet cremations can be preformed by using the pet cremator, this is a cold start pet cremation oven. This pet cremator uses gas as energy source and has a high energy efficiency when used correctly by contoling the airflow.


After a cremation a crematory needs to have a cremulator. This ash processing machine will process the remains so called cremains from the cremation. The cremulator is one innovative cremation equipment inventions. This cremulator has been created for health and safety resons, easy processing of cremains.

Cremation urns

Cremation urns are produced of environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. These bio cremation urns dissolve and give the remaining ashes back to nature. We are only deliver to wholesale cremation urns sales.

Cremation Equipments

Cremation Equipments is the world leader in cremation consulting: safe, efficient and dependable cremation equipment. For nearly half a century, we have been manufacturing high performance cremators and crematory equipment for crematoria, funeral homes, churches and cemeteries throughout the world. Our cremation equipment is used in 42 countries on 6 continents.

In addition, Cremation Equipments offers the most advanced: consulting, research, engineering and service capabilities available within the cremation industry today. We work together and operate the world’s largest crematory service organization. And repair every model of cremators and other innovative cremation equipment. Cremation Equipments is the one-stop crematory source for all of your cremation supplies and crematory accessories. We offer an unparalleled collection of distinctive environmentally friendly cremation machines and biodegradeble urns that appeal to a diverse range of personalities. “We all go back to nature and become star dust”.

We invite you to spend a few moments to familiarize yourself with our state-of-the-art cremation products and diverse crematory supplies to perform the best crematorium services. Be sure to check out all our crematory products. Because we know that from time to time you may be faced with questions that may be difficult to answer, we have included a reference section that includes information that you may not be able to find anywhere else. Our crematory services are the best in the world. We are so innovative that all our systems are Internet of Things ready to messure everyting that is needed.

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